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We work to provide basic necessities to schools that lack adequate funding. Our goal is to work towards equitable education nationwide.



As students, we know how important it is to have proper materials in the classroom in order to get the full effect of the academic curriculum. The current opportunity gap in our nation's education system is unacceptable, and we have set out on a mission to not only close the gap, but to ensure that students across the country feel heard, appreciated, and respected.

At Starts with Soap, we are students working for students. 


The need

Did you know that 19% of high school graduates are unable to read? That 13 million students attend school hungry every single day? That nearly half of all students in the United States are eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program? Or how about that 42% of schools don't have access to computers or laptops? Students across the country are being held back by lack of opportunity due to insufficient funding out of their control. 

When people hear the phrase "basic necessities," products such as soap, hand sanitizer, or water may come to mind. However, in our school systems, the ability to read, write, or have access to adequate curriculum can be considered some of the most basic of necessities for success. A list of basic necessities may start with soap, but it certainly doesn't end there. 

what we do

Starts with Soap is dedicated to empowering students to work with and for other students in need of a helping hand. We are student run, student lead, and student inspired. We find value in building close relationships with schools in need in diverse communities across the nation. The heart of our organization is found within our many chapters in schools scattered around the country. These chapters operate on their own, with guidance from the national team, to partner with a school in need, brainstorm how to best support those students, and create a project based on those needs. The national board at Starts with Soap is dedicated to providing a supportive network to our college and high school chapters in which they develop and execute their own initiatives to benefit their hometowns or local communities. 


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Equitable Education is Achievable

When you focus on the basic necessities that students need to learn. 

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Sponsor a project

Support a specific cause by sponsoring a project you are passionate about. Read about our projects, and be a sponsor to the students working to make it happen!

Chapter opportunities

Be the agent of change in your community. If you are currently enrolled in a college, university, or high school then consider starting your very own chapter of SWS!

Make a donation

It Starts with Soap, but begins with you! All donations go towards funding and supporting our chapter's local projects and our national initiatives. All donations are tax-deductible. 

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