We work to provide basic necessities to schools that lack adequate funding. Our goal is to work towards equitable education nationwide.


Our Approach combines continuous chapter partnerships with underfunded schools and large-scale national initiatives.

New National Projects

SWS is launching a suite of new projects: Starts with Science, Project Evaluations and Youth and Nutrition. 

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The Detroit Literacy Project

Nearly half of Detroit’s adult population is functionally illiterate due to poor curriculum.

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Computer Literacy 4 Indy

In today’s world, growing up without access to technology can provide a lifelong handicap.

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Deland Uniform Project

In Florida, the school board of Edith I. Starke Elementary School, where 99% of the students live below the poverty line, voted to implement a new uniform policy, but most low-income students were unable to afford these uniforms. 

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Equitable education is achievable

If you focus on the basic necessities that students need to learn. 

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