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Starts with Soap is always working to develop and implement community service projects, national campaigns, and education initiatives. If you would like to donate to a specific campaign to ensure your dollars make impact what you value the most, you can sponor specific campaigns.  


// Detroit Literacy Project

Starts with Soap is expanding it's reading literacy program to a full year in two thrid grade classrooms in Detroit. We need your support to buy books so the students have the reading materials they need.  More information →

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// starts with #steminism

// Youth Nutrition

Starts with Soap is developing a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Camp for young women from minorty and low-income backgrounds. Starts with Soap needs your support to help cover the cost of attendance for as many students as possible.  More information →

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Starts with Soap needs your support to help implement a nutrition education cirriculum in West Virigina to combat obesity and a lack of food and nutrition education. More information →

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