Past Project

// Computer Literacy 4 Indy

In today’s world, growing up without access to technology can provide a lifelong handicap.


Through Computer Literacy for Indy, Starts With Soap aims to enable equitable education access and opportunity via monetary and in-kind support for the Edna Martin Center, an Indianapolis nonprofit serving 300 students and 3000 unduplicated individuals. Upon conversations with the Edna Martin Christian Center, we discovered that they lacked appropriate technology services (specifically computers) to deliver quality technology education for their members. Through drives and partnerships with organizations like educational supplier Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we provided a new computer lab with educational online learning resources for IPS students (that has since been expanded to seniors) to gain enriching tutoring, educational support, and technology support.

Project Leader and Regional Executive Vikas Maturi(L) with students at the Edna Martin Center.