Current Project

New National Projects

SWS is launching a suite of new projects

// Youth and Nutrition

Our mission: to promote a healthier future for at-risk youth.

The Youth Nutrition and Education Committee is all about educating at-risk youth to make choices that promote their own health and well-being. In a country where, somehow, both obesity and malnutrition exist on a relatively large scale, it is imperative that we do our best to rectify this problem at its most basic level. Think of us as your high school health teacher or gym coach, but teaching lessons that matter and that some people never get to learn. Whether by making sure young children get enough “food nuggets” or by discussing the potential bodily consequences of eating too much McDonald’s, our intent is to combat some of the health problems that plague millions of Americans by educating them to make choices that can shape their lives for the better.

// starts with #steminism

Our mission: to empower the next generation of women and minority youth in STEM

The starts with #steminism: SWS Women in STEM Scholars Program Committee serves to empower the next generation of women and minority youth in the field of STEM. Research conducted at the University of Washington shows that girls start believing they aren’t as competent as their male peers in STEM from a young age, and we’re here to change that. We'll be rolling out a week-long day camp which allows young girls from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds to explore LEGO robotics and programming, rocket science, and the physics of soccer, to name just a few. Throughout the camp, we’ll be talking about the #steminist movement and female empowerment as we do fun team-building exercises, build a few robots, and launch a couple rockets into the sky.

Picture your undercover-agent NASA astronaut aunt who teaches you how to make water bottle rockets in your backyard (much to the dismay of your quiet-seeking neighbors). Or your globe-trotting uncle who knows a thing or two about the physics of a well-executed corner kick. Your wild-salmon-catching brother who knows that robots will take over the world, and teaches you how to control their minds. You get it. With our science camp series, we’re here to provide the resources and role models for underprivileged young girls and minority youth to conquer the world.

// Project Evaluations

Our mission: to evaluate our service, growth, and team to understand and improve the impact of SWS

The Evaluations Committee serves two functions: to monitor all SWS functions and, more importantly, to be SWS's in-house comedic dictionary. What began as a committee with a goal of creating metrics to track progress on National and Chapter Projects, the Evaluations Committee now also functions as an unbiased group who helps find faults within SWS and, likewise, helps to amend such flaws. Think of them as SWS's typical mom, keeping an eye on her kids (sometimes to the point of annoyance), but only to help them in the end. In essence, the Evaluations Committee is committed to ensuring SWS's regional and national growth in order to broaden and diversify the organization's outreach and impact.