What Makes us unique:

Our Approach

Being that we are founded by students, lead by students, and working for students are not the only attributes that make us unique. At Starts with Soap we have a unique approach to the implementation of our ideas by having personable relationships with the schools we work with, a strong regional structure that acts as an intermediary between our chapters and the national board, and a national board that acts on its own to produce initiatives that have a widespread impact. By having hands in local communities in addition to large-scale initiatives, we are able to have a greater impact and gain more insight into the ailments of the education system in our country. Our mission is to one day eradicate the disparities in educational opportunities to help build the future leaders of our world.


Grassroot Relationships

Chapters partner with local underfunded schools to continuously provide the necessities they lack. These necessities can take the form of anything from sanitary supplies like soap, paper towels to classroom items like pencils, rulers, and books to read or even as much as basic literary curriculum. A few of our chapters including those at Lipscomb University and SkyView Academy, among others, have done supply and book drives to bring in enough items to provide a substantial donation to their partner schools.



Support Infrastructure

A strong regional support network allows chapters to make the most of their resources and share ideas. Each Regional Executive on the Chapter Team gets paired with several chapters in order to mentor and oversee their activities and progress. Furthermore, biweekly all-chapter calls, which include at least one to two members of each chapter, are used for chapters all across the nation to collaborate, share their ideas, and give advice to one another. This allows more experienced chapter leaders and members to spread success among all members of the organization.



National Initiatives

National Initiatives allow SWS to effect broad and long-lasting change at a large scale. Regional Executives on the National Projects Team are responsible for formulating wide-ranging projects that aim to combat modern educational problems. One example of this in the works right now involves interviewing teachers in underfunded schools to get their impressions on the flaws in our educational system and their personal situations. We hope to publish this to a reputable news outlet or educational journal to help raise awareness for the educators who need help.