Students working for Students:

Our Vision


At Starts with Soap, our mission is to ensure that all students get a shot at success by fostering equitable education in our nation’s most underfunded schools, providing soap, as well as other basic necessities and to eliminate threats to the physical well-being of students attending underfunded schools across the nation due to the lack of sanitation resources. Our goal is to change children's lives by changing the schools they learn, live and thrive in through ensure proper sanitation and advocate healthy practices for their students. However, as our name implies, we start with soap. At SWS, we begin with basic sanitation but also extend into areas such as literacy, school supplies, etc., which we determine based on need assessments at each individual school. We are, in essence, an organization dedicated to combating the issue of inequitable education by focusing on providing the basics by starting with soap.



Siona Sharma & Eamon Bracht

Executive Directors + Co-founders